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Community Update - Registration

By Greg Jankowski

As we look to a November update of the community, please check to see you have registered for a customer portal account.

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Community Update

By Greg Jankowski

The value you get from being a member of our community and your ability to get your questions answered fast is very important to all of us at here at Ipswitch.

To that end, we have started work on updating and improving the community and support experience. As we go through the update process, we will keep you informed at each step.

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Ipswitch is excited to announce the availability of Service Pack 2 for WhatsUp Gold 2017, this can be accessed for all customers with a current license in the Ipswitch customer portal. Service Pack 2 contains a number of performance enhancements, feature improvements and functionality not available in the initial release.

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WhatsUp Gold SP2 Features and Enhancements

By Mark Amick – 3 Comments

Review the new features in WhatsUp Gold SP2.

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WS_FTP Server 2017 is available for download

By Greg Jankowski

Ipswitch customers, under a current service agreement, can now download and install the new release from the Customer Portal.
This release introduces 3 new editions of WS_FTP Server 2017 along with advanced features included in the product and associated add-on modules.

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Update to the community is coming!

By Greg Jankowski – 8 Comments

The update will take place on Dec. 9th. New accounts are disabled Nov. 11th.
Access to create new content will be disabled Fri. Nov. 18th.
Please read this important update for your user account and join the webinar. Two important items as the update nears...

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