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These MIBs are a collection that have been submitted by users of WhatsUp Gold.  They are available for you to download and install into WhatsUp Gold.  We do however strongly recommend acquiring MIBs directly from your hardware vendors to ensure you importing the newest versions of the files.


Offline Tarun Jana said 20 months ago

Hi All,

Can someone provide me D-Link Systems, Inc. MIBs for my dlink switches.


Tarun Jana

OfflinePhoto of WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) said 20 months ago
It is best to get them directly from the hardware vendor.  This way you ensure you are getting the newest versions of the MIBs.

Offline Paul Drummond said 11 months ago

I am looking for MIBS for IBM PowerPC CHRP Computer

Base Operating System Runtime AIX version: 07.01.0002.0015

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

Offline aris aman said 8 months ago

Hi Whatsapp Guru, I am looking for MIBS for ATI switch.

Thanks in advance

OfflinePhoto of John Love John Love said 7 weeks ago
Do you have mibs for Brocade switches?

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