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September 13, 2016

WhatsUp Gold 2017 Training Resources

Greg JankowskiTraining Community Blog

Visit the Training Resources page for a list of on-demand courses and other training resources for WhatsUp Gold 2017.

Some of you have created dashboards in a past version of WhatsUp Gold. With the current release there is no migration tool from the old version to the new. What can you do? We have enabled you to export legacy dashboard information so you can rebuild them in your WhatsUp Gold 2017 installation.

One of the biggest changes around WhatsUp Gold 2017 is the dominance of dashboards. These have rebuilt with more functionality and features. The reports have been partitioned into categories. You will find them grouped by performance, network, device, inventory, traffic, logs, alerts and tools. Learn how to adjust the views within dashboards and modify the report parameters to deliver the right information for you to take action upon.

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July 11, 2016

On-Demand Module 5: Discovery

Everything in WhatsUp Gold starts with the discovery. If you are running your first scan, refreshing what has been discovered or adding a new device the process has been simplified to just two type of scans, a seed scan or IP Address scan.

Learn how to create different scan profiles, save and schedule them to auto run as needed. Determine what the scan results tell you and adjust your Discovery Map to show what is important to you.

Everything inside of WhatsUp Gold 2017 is driven by the interactive map. This is where you determine status, access collected data and take action on a single or group of devices. Learn how to use the Overlays, Filters, create and apply credential libraries and leverage monitors to get just the information you need.

With the goal of simplification, the WhatsUp Gold navigation has been streamlined. Discover how quick and easy it is to get to the information you desire and take the actions you need.

An introduction to not only how the new Interactive Map looks but how to works with the WhatsUp Gold functions and tools. Understand how the notification color palette and icons has changed to make it more accessible to those users with Color Blindness.

Discover how we have changed WhatsUP Gold 2017 from its architecture to how all the information is delivered within an interactive map. The results bringing all the different parts and plugins for WhatsUp Gold into one easy to use visual map.

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