Product Lifecycle

WhatsUp Gold Product Life Cycle

ProductVersionCurrent PhaseSunset DateEOL Date
WhatsUp Gold16.xGeneral AvailabilityFutureFuture
WhatsUp Gold15.xSunset1/1/2013Future
WhatsUp Gold14.4Sunset1/1/2013Future
WhatsUp Gold14.0-14.3.xEnd of Life10/1/201210/1/2013
WhatsUp Gold12.xEnd of Life7/28/20091/1/2013
WhatsUp Gold11.xEnd of Life8/6/200811/28/2009
WhatsUp Professional2006.xEnd of Life1/30/20078/6/2008
WhatsUp Professional Premium2006.xEnd of Life1/30/20078/6/2008
WhatsUp Professional2005.xEnd of Life1/30/20074/30/2007
WhatsUp Small Business2004End of Life12/12/20053/12/2006
WhatsUp Gold8.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WhatsUp Gold Premium8.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WhatsUp SQL Monitor1.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WhatsUp Exchange Monitor1.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WS Ping Pro Pack2.3End of Life Announcement10/1/20121/1/2013
WhatsUp Log Management Suite10.xGeneral AvailabilityFutureFuture
WhatsUp Log Management Suite9.xSunset2/8/11Future
WhatsUp Log Management SuiteReleases prior to v9.0End of Life2/16/1112/8/11


If you are a new customer, you can purchase the most current version from our online store or by contacting our sales team.
If you are an existing customer, you may upgrade by logging into your account at or by contacting our sales team.


Technical PreviewIn the Technical Preview stage Ipswitch provides technical support for the product on the web forums. Support is provided via the Technical Preview User Forum and includes support for Technical Preview features and Technical Preview product updates.

General AvailabilityIn the General Availability stage Ipswitch provides technical support to customers under warranty or covered by a current service agreement for their product. Technical support includes telephone and e-mail support, online support such as tutorials and demos, and access to our Knowledge Base. Ipswitch reserves the right to require that a customer upgrade to the most current version of their product to resolve a product issue.
Product updates consist of maintenance releases, service packs, patches and/or hot fixes. Service packs, patches and hot fixes are not available for all products all the time and the determination for such is at Ipswitch's discretion.

SunsetIn the Sunset stage Ipswitch provides technical support to customers under a current service agreement for their product. Technical support includes telephone and e-mail support, online support such as tutorials and demos and access to our Knowledge Base.
No updates are provided. If a product defect is found and verified, Ipswitch may decide to issue a workaround. Ipswitch does not develop additional features and/or functionalities for the product and will advise migration to a newer minor version or related general availability product. Sunset status typically lasts for the duration of the most recent major version of the product plus 90 days after the next major release of the product.

End of LifeIn the End of Life (EOL) stage Ipswitch no longer provides technical support or product updates. Regardless of service agreement status, access to download, install and activate EOL products(s) is not supported. Knowledge Base articles remain available for at least a 24-month period beyond this withdrawal date. A customer under a current service agreement utilizing a version that is in the End of Life stage will be advised to upgrade to the General Availability version of their product. EOL status begins the day after Sunset stage ends.


As of April 8, 2008, Microsoft retired mainstream support for SQL Server 2000. Ipswitch has ended support for SQL Server 2000 in WhatsUp Gold and its plug-ins with version 12.3.0. Microsoft released SQL Server 2008 on August 6, 2008. In light of the performance improvements offered in the newest versions of SQL Server, WhatsUp Gold is leveraging these new performance capabilities in future releases, beginning with v12.3 (release October 1, 2008). WhatsUp Gold support for SQL Server 2008 is available in WhatsUp Gold 14.0 and later.

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