Product Lifecycle

WhatsUp Gold Product Life Cycle

Review the product support life cycle for all WhatsUp Gold products.

ProductVersionCurrent PhaseSunset DateEOL Date
WhatsUp Gold16.xGeneral AvailabilityFutureFuture
WhatsUp Gold15.xSunset1/1/2013Future
WhatsUp Gold14.4Sunset1/1/2013Future
WhatsUp Gold14.0-14.3.xEnd of Life10/1/201210/1/2013
WhatsUp Gold12.xEnd of Life7/28/20091/1/2013
WhatsUp Gold11.xEnd of Life8/6/200811/28/2009
WhatsUp Professional2006.xEnd of Life1/30/20078/6/2008
WhatsUp Professional Premium2006.xEnd of Life1/30/20078/6/2008
WhatsUp Professional2005.xEnd of Life1/30/20074/30/2007
WhatsUp Small Business2004End of Life12/12/20053/12/2006
WhatsUp Gold8.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WhatsUp Gold Premium8.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WhatsUp SQL Monitor1.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WhatsUp Exchange Monitor1.xEnd of Life11/10/20043/12/2006
WS Ping Pro Pack2.3End of Life Announcement10/1/20121/1/2013
WhatsUp Log Management Suite10.xGeneral AvailabilityFutureFuture
WhatsUp Log Management Suite9.xSunset2/8/11Future
WhatsUp Log Management SuiteReleases prior to v9.0End of Life2/16/1112/8/11




Technical Preview

  • Ipswitch provides technical support for the product on the web forums.
  • Support is provided via the Technical Preview User Forum and includes support for Technical Preview features and Technical Preview product updates.

General Availability

  • Ipswitch provides technical support to customers under warranty or covered by a current service agreement for their product. Technical support includes telephone and e-mail support, online support such as tutorials and demos, and access to our Knowledge Base.
  • Ipswitch reserves the right to require that a customer upgrade to the most current version of their product to resolve a product issue.
  • Product updates consist of maintenance releases, service packs, patches and/or hot fixes. Service packs, patches and hot fixes are not available for all products all the time and the determination for such is at Ipswitch's discretion.


  • Ipswitch provides technical support to customers under a current service agreement for their product. Technical support includes telephone and e-mail support, online support such as tutorials and demos and access to our Knowledge Base.
  • No updates are provided. If a product defect is found and verified, Ipswitch may decide to issue a workaround. Ipswitch does not develop additional features and/or functionalities for the product and will advise migration to a newer minor version or related general availability product. 
  • Sunset status typically lasts for the duration of the most recent major version of the product plus 90 days after the next major release of the product.

End of Life

  • Ipswitch no longer provides technical support or product updates. Regardless of service agreement status, access to download, install and activate EOL products(s) is not supported.
  • Knowledge Base articles remain available for at least a 24-month period beyond this withdrawal date.
  • A customer under a current service agreement utilizing a version that is in the End of Life stage will be advised to upgrade to the General Availability version of their product.
  • EOL status begins the day after Sunset stage ends.

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