4 years ago
Mayur Shah

I have a query regarding SNMP MIB for Windows 2008 & 2003 servers.

I am trying to setup WUG, to collect SNMP traps from the servers which are monitored by WUG, I have downloaded few MIBS from the library as well, but still not able to understand how should I go ahead with the things. MIBS are imported in WUG services are restarted as well, when I try to select the MIBS in passive monitors rest all the MIBS are visible (already imported) but newly imported MIBS are not visible for selection.

If you could help me with stepwise implementation of the SNMP traps on What's Up Gold server for windows 2003 2008 server will be usefull.

 WUG version which I am using is 14.4.


Mayur Shah


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OfflinePhoto of Bryan Yoch Bryan Yoch said 4 years ago


You should be able to find the M$ specific MIBs starting at

You should also be able to see if they are loaded using the SNMP MIB manager.

  • Go to the SNMP MIB Manager.
  • From the web interface, click GO. The GO menu appears.
  • If the WhatsUp section is not visible, click WhatsUp. The WhatsUp section of the GO menu appears.
  • Select Configure > SNMP MIB Manager. The SNMP MIB Manager dialog opens.
Use the following options in the SNMP MIB Manager:
  • View. Select a MIB file in the list, then click View to open the MIB and view the code.
  • Add. Click Add to import a MIB file to the MIB Manager. Follow the dialogs to complete the process.

OfflinePhoto of Ahmed Basiouny Ahmed Basiouny said 4 years ago

Hi Mayur,

1. At first you should enable SNMP on your servers.

do the same on Windows 2008 server from Turn Windows features on/off

2. Set the community in WUG from Credential library

3. Check if the device use it or not from Device properties > Credentials


I think that you haven't to add mibs manually but if you want, kindly find the required mibs in WUG MIBs library

to Enable SNMP trap in WUG, you have to enable SNMP trap from Configure > Program Options > Passive Monitor Listeners





Offline Mayur Shah said 4 years ago

Thanks for the reply....i willl check the steps which are already implemented and will reply back if this resolves the issue.

One more query....if my WUG is recieving the SNMP traps then how to configure the notification for the same (email notification or on console).

I can see only standard snmp traps received in the report-snmp trap section.

OfflinePhoto of Bryan Yoch Bryan Yoch said 4 years ago

Your actions will depend on the type of monitor you are using.  Performance monitors will use Alert Center to send out emails, Active Monitors can send alerts when they go up or down, and Passive monitors can send alerts when a trap is received by WUG.  Each is configured a little differently.

For passive monitors, just double click the monitor and select an action to apply when the trap is received.

OfflinePhoto of Leonardo Schieder Leonardo Schieder said 4 years ago

One more thing about traps: after having imported the MIBs you can import the traps included in the MIBs, so you can set alerts on specific traps. In NMconsole go to Tools/Import Trap Definitions..., there you'll find all traps WhatsUp has imported through the MIBs. Be sure just to add those you really need, otherwise you'll end with a long list of traps which are not being used.

Regards, Leonardo

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May 12, 2011

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