SNMP Mibs for 2008 R2

3 years ago
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David Jenkins

I'm trying to get SNMP working for 2008 R2.  I wanted to get disk freespace.  There is a list of MIBs on the WUG Website but the Microsoft Mibs are so old I think it's kind of embarassing they are even posted still.  NT4 Puleeese... :)

I know I can do WMI but wanted to undestand why even bother with anything SNMP if WUG and Microsoft aren't going to mesh up and make the crap work.  It's like flipping rocket science for something that from reading should be rather simple. 


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OfflinePhoto of Paul Byers Paul Byers said 3 years ago
Actually the Microsoft MIB are the same for 2008R2 Microaoft hasn't change the basic MIBs especially for what you were asking for (disk space). In fact microsoft really hasn't released any new MIB,s so you are slamming Ipswitch for publishing the current MIBs.

As for WMI It takes a much heavier load on both the WUG server and the endpoint device. With R2, which is 64 bit, WMI is messed up, Infact there is a patch to help fix it, but still takes a heavy load on the end device. You would be much better off using SNMP when ever possible.

OfflinePhoto of David Jenkins David Jenkins said 3 years ago

So how do I use it then.  That's bascially my issue.  The SNMP support seems nonexistent.

Why would I be able to navigate the perfmon mib after importing it but can't get to it on a system?

I've looked through the forum and nobody ever gives a good example of why it isn't working.  The question just drops off with no answer.

I'd love to be able to use SNMP but can't find a way to use it.

Sorry but I've always been disappointed with WUG.  It's always just turned out to be a glorified ping machine.  Probably because of no clear instruction on using SNMP.  The setup instructions are everywhere but after that there isn't anything.


OfflinePhoto of Paul Byers Paul Byers said 3 years ago

I understand that SNMP can be confusing but that is the nature of the beast and not the fault of any vendor.  It is just as difficult to set up in any solution you use.  What little I know about SNMP I actually have learned mainly from the WUG documentation.  You can go into the help file and search for SNMP and it tells you how to set up and troubleshoot MIBS, as does the users guide for what ever version you are using..  Just remember when you import the Mib to the mib folder within WUG you have to restart the polling engine for it to load and be usable within WUG.  I would actually recommend rebooting the server if you can.

If you can tell me exactly what you are trying to do I might be able to give you the steps.  As for Disk space monitoring, you will need to enable SNMP on your device.  (WUG documentation explains how to do this on a windows box.)  You will then need to configure the community string within WUG and add the performance monitor. 

If it is just disk space you are trying to enable let me know and I will give you step by step instructions.  If you are trying to monitor something else let me know that and I will see what I can do to help

OfflinePhoto of Matt Cline Matt Cline said 3 years ago

I was able to just now, with pretty much ease, snmp walk a server 2008 r2 box and find the hrStorage; which reported the drive letters, labels, allocationunits, size and used space. I'm with Paul on this one, do some homework and put in a little effort rather than expecting everything to be an iPhone.


OfflinePhoto of Linwood Ferguson Linwood Ferguson said 3 years ago

I'm starting to look at this issue -- why not let the statistical performance collection work in WUG, then query the statistics tables directly for your monitor?   [That's not a rhetorical question, I am wondering if there is a preferred approach]


OfflinePhoto of WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) said 3 years ago

Moved to the appropriate forum.

I am curious as to what isn't working David.  If you are talking about the default performance monitors or any SNMP query from the WUG machine to another Windows machine, then the problem is probably that you haven't installed SNMP on the target machine.  By default SNM<P doesn't come enabled on any Microsoft OS.

In the grand scheme of things, SNMP is a much easier to use and understand protocol than WMI.  I could rant and rave about that topic for a while, but I won't bore you.  I understand your frustration with not being able to get something to work.  We have all been there with one thing or another.  You are not the first person to have questions about SNMP of WIndows machines, which is why I actually created a quick tutorial video back in 2008 (

If you continue to have problems, feel free to reach out to me and I will do what I can to help you out.

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