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4 years ago
jonas gustafson


the email variable "%System.DisplayNamesDownDevices"  displays a snapshot of current down devices.

is there a way to add some information (notes etc) to the list that is displayed?

ex: its not very helpful if you dont know where the device is located in a big corporation.

(im using whatsup gold v14.4)


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OfflinePhoto of WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) said 4 years ago


You cannot change the output of the % variable, however there is a find feature in WUG that can help you quickly locate a device within your installation.

Offline Lionel Calomme said 4 years ago

Why don't you use %Device.Attribute.Location ? 

I use it in my action script and it is very usefull 

OfflinePhoto of Jason Alberino Jason Alberino said 4 years ago

Here is the standard action we use at my company. This provides some additional information, but not too much as to be confusing. The 'DiskSpace' attribute is created using the Inventory active script which is available in the script library

Subject: (%Device.DisplayName) %Device.ActiveMonitorDownNames is %Device.State


%Device.DisplayName (%Device.Address)

Down: %Device.ActiveMonitorDownNames

Disk space:

Last Updated:


Offline Ron Buchalski said 4 years ago

I don't know if this will help, but for Cisco routers and switches we configure the 'snmp-server location' in the devices to include the location address, and 'snmp-server contact' for the telephone number at the location.  Both of these router/switch configureation items are free-form, so you can put any text that you want in them.

Then, in WhatsUp Gold, in the Device Status window, we use the Device SNMP Details window to display these items (along with device name, uptime, etc).  sysLocation sysContact

We also have a Device Attributes window displayed in the Device Status page.  We created a list of items as attributes:

1, Circuit Provider

2. Circuit ID

3. Circuit Provider Contact

4. Location Address

Again, these attributes are free-form, so you can call them whatever you want, and put whatever values you want in there.

I also replicated this Device Attribute information in a Device Notes window, which I do not display in the Device Status window, but it is used when sending email when device status changes.  This gives us a complete notice when a device goes down, telling us the name of the device, location, circuit provider, circuit ID, provider contact, etc.  I use Notes rather than Attributes in the email because it's a cleaner and simpler looking email.


 %Device.DisplayName %Device.State

Message Body:

Device IP Address: %Device.Address


Interfaces Down: %Device.ActiveMonitorDownNames


Hope this helps.


OfflinePhoto of Bryan Yoch Bryan Yoch said 4 years ago


I pulled this from the % variable help file entry:

%Device.Attribute.[Attribute Name]

Returns an attribute from the SNMP information available for the device, such as the Contact name. To specify the attribute, append the category name (listed below) to the end of the variable. For example: %Device.Attribute.Contact, returns the contact name.

Default categories:

· *. Returns all attributes

· Info1. Upgrade path from v8

· Info2. Upgrade path from v8

· Contact. Contact information from SNMP

· Location. Location information from SNMP

· Description. Description information from SNMP

· Custom. If you have created a custom attribute you can use the name of that custom attribute in the percent variable.



To avoid an error, always place a space or line break after the attribute name.  


If you are not going to use the default attributes, you can create your own, and then just link the custom fields.

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