Cisco Switch 2960S

3 years ago
Daniel Vogel

I have a few of these swithces in our enviroment and was wondering about highlighted number below. What is it? Can it be used to trace back to a partiucular IP or MAC? Can it help in identifing the user that is on that port. Basically I need to know who it is so I can see who is killing the bandwidth at my locations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!



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OfflinePhoto of Willem de Groot Willem de Groot said 3 years ago

Hi Daniel,

These are the Interface Numbers from Cisco.
These Int's are from the first Stack Member((Member# -1) * 500) , is a Gigabit Interface(+100)  and has Index 15 (+15) -> 10115
the next member Gi 2/0/15 has 10615, Gi 3/0/15 -> 11115 ...
Fa Interfaces have a Index of 100 less than the above.

Do a Mib Walk on and you will see your Interfaces and there Indexi.

At least yoiu know by now with Interface is in volve. On the Cisco CLI you can do a show cdp neighb or a show mac-addresstabel to get more Information (or maybe you have set the Descriptions of the ports)


OfflinePhoto of WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) WhatsUp Guru (Jason Williams) said 3 years ago

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OfflinePhoto of Michael Haskins Michael Haskins said 3 years ago

The Cisco CLI command "sho snmp mib ifmib ifindex" will also show you the interface and it's index number. Unfortuantely, the output appears random.

You can add "| include" plus the index number to the command so you aren't searching the output: "sho snmp mib ifmib ifindex | include 10115"

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August 2, 2012

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